Policy-Bullying Prevention

Policy-Bullying Prevention

Policy for Bullying Prevention

All kids have a right to a safe and healthy school environment, according to the BCET District. Mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance must be promoted by the district, schools, and community.

The BCET District will not accept behaviour that jeopardizes a student's safety. A student may not use words or acts to intimidate, harass, or bully another student. Direct physical contact, such as striking or shoving; verbal attacks, such as teasing or name-calling; and social isolation or manipulation are examples of such behaviour.

The BCET District requires students and/or employees to report bullying situations to the administrator or designee as soon as possible. When it is safe to do so, staff who see such activities take quick action to intervene. Every allegation of bullying should be examined as soon as possible. This policy applies to students when on school grounds, traveling to and from school or a school-sponsored activity, eating lunch on or off campus, and participating in a school-sponsored activity.

The BCET District will provide staff development training in bullying prevention and nurture acceptance and understanding in all students and staff to improve each school's capacity to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.

Teachers should talk about this policy with their students in an age-appropriate fashion, assuring them that they will not be bullied. Bullying students will face disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion, if they violate this policy.

Every student will be required to follow a Student Code of Conduct when on school grounds, driving to and from school or a school-sponsored activity, and during lunch hour, whether on or off campus.

The Student Code of Conduct includes, but is not limited to:

• Any student who engages in bullying may face disciplinary action ranging from suspension to expulsion.

• Students are urged to report occurrences of bullying to the principal or designee as soon as possible.

• Students may rely on staff to conduct a thorough and discreet investigation into each bullying report.

• If the complainant student or parent believes the inquiry or complaint has not been appropriately resolved, the student or parent should contact the principle or the Office of Student Services. Retaliation against any complainant or participant in the complaint procedure is strictly prohibited in the educational system.

The procedures for intervening in bullying behaviour include, but are not limited, to the following:

• A summary of this policy prohibiting intimidation and bullying will be distributed to all staff, students, and their parents at the start of the school year, as part of the student handbook and/or information packet, as part of new student orientation, and as part of the school system's notification to parents.

• Staff who observe acts of bullying must take prompt steps to intervene when it is safe to do so, and the school will make reasonable attempts to keep a report of bullying and the results of the inquiry confidential. People who observe or are victims of bullying are highly encouraged to report the incident; such reporting will have no negative consequences for the target or witnesses.