BCET is a global British College with online & offline campuses that offer great education to students from all over the world. It is affiliated with reputed UK awarding bodies to deliver internationally recognised Higher/Advanced Diploma courses, IELTS course, Professional courses (IT, Programming, Database, e-Commerce, Networking, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design etc.), as well as BA/BSc (Honours) & MSc/MBA degree courses.


College Copyright Policy

All copyright rights will be respected by the College, including:

• the rights of owners of third-party material used in teaching,

• the rights of students in all material they create in and for College, and

• the rights of teachers in material they created before and during their employment at the College.

The College shall adhere to all aspects of UK copyright law, including those pertaining to educational and library purposes.

When the College's use of copyright material exceeds what is allowed under the Act, the College will buy appropriate copyright licenses and adhere to the conditions of these licenses.

While the College recognizes that it cannot monitor all of its students' behaviour, it will make an effort to teach students about copyright issues such as reference, allowed copying, and the use of electronic materials and digital music.

To ensure compliance with this policy, the College will implement copyright processes inside the College, including staff training and education, as well as the appointment of a board of trustees member and staff member responsible for copyright.

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