BCET is a global British College with online & offline campuses that offer great education to students from all over the world. It is affiliated with reputed UK awarding bodies to deliver internationally recognised Higher/Advanced Diploma courses, IELTS course, Professional courses (IT, Programming, Database, e-Commerce, Networking, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design etc.), as well as BA/BSc (Honours) & MSc/MBA degree courses.

Our Values

o Ambition

o Integrity

o Inclusion

o Motivation

o Responsiveness

o Courage


When you join us we will:

o Tell you everything you need to know about your apprenticeship or course.

o Create a study plan with you based on where you are now.

o If we believe you require further learning assistance or are not on the correct route for you, we will let you know.

While you are with us we will:

o You will always be respected.

o Assist you in remaining healthy and safe.

o Provide excellent instruction and evaluation.

o Discuss your progress with you on a regular basis (and your employer if you are an apprentice)

o If needed, provide a variety of study aids and extra English and math instruction.

o If you have a learning disability, a disability, or are having personal issues, provide additional help.

o When your work is handed in on time, mark it as soon as possible.

o Inform you of upcoming exams.

o Assist in the development of you as a person who is ready for the workplace by actively listening to your opinions.


Before you leave we will:

o Assist you in making decisions about what to do next.

o Ensure that your examinations are a success.

o If you require one, we will provide you with a reference.

o Provide you with a dedicated Programme Coach to assist you.

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80% Fee Waiver

Admission Going On

👉 3 Certificates

(Level-4, Level-5 & Honours Degree) Awarded

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