IELTS Course

IELTS Course

Our IELTS preparation classes include hands-on practise with real IELTS tasks and are led by skilled and experienced IELTS instructors from UK and Bangladesh. On each course, you will:

o learn exam tips and strategies;

o become familiar with the exam format;

o have the opportunity to do writing practise for both parts of the writing exam and receive feedback from the teacher;

o have the opportunity to practise all of the exam sections; and

o learn useful vocabulary and grammar.

While all of these things happen in every IELTS preparation course, if you really want to increase your band score, we recommend doing more than one (each level has a set of courses - Lower IELTS and Upper IELTS).

A better score demands superior language abilities, which can only be learned over time. Simply finishing one course will not guarantee you a higher score.

IELTS Courses