BCET is a global British College with online & offline campuses that offer great education to students from all over the world. It is affiliated with reputed UK awarding bodies to deliver internationally recognised Higher/Advanced Diploma courses, IELTS course, Professional courses (IT, Programming, Database, e-Commerce, Networking, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design etc.), as well as BA/BSc (Honours) & MSc/MBA degree courses.


Our Facilities


BCET is quite famous for arranging events like Pohela Baishaskh, Sports Day, Cultural Programs, Class parties etc. We make sure to come up with something unique every year encouraging students to participate eagerly and enjoy every event to its fullest.


Library resources play an important role for learning. Our college library is well stocked with books, magazines, periodicals and book of general reference for teacher and students. Books are generally issued for a week to the students. They are encouraged to take books as we all know reading increases knowledge and opens up our mind.

Computer Lab

BCET has a fully equipped computer lab. Students can make use of the computers to play games, browse the internet or conduct research on their ongoing projects.  

Sufficient Classrooms

BCET campus is wonderfully decorated with eye-catching multimedia classrooms having fully Air-conditioned along with 55- 65 inch LED TV for lessons visualisation, Science labs, Arabic room, Computer labs, design & Technology room, R&D room, Drawing/Arts/Music room, IELTS Exam Hall & Speaking room and others…..

Science Lab

We have a well-equipped science lab that helps the students represent information in appropriate verbal, pictorial, graphical and mathematical terms. It also gives the children the ability to recognise those questions that can be investigated through experiment and plan, carry out, evaluate and report on such experiment.

Extra Activities

BCET offers a variety of extracurricular activities and sports competitions, including football, cricket and badminton. Our College also boasts SEVEN clubs through which student can discover their strength and talents and nurture them. The clubs are English club, Debate club, Graphics club, Cultural club, Maths club, Science club and IT club. Students are highly encouraged to utilise those opportunities.

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